Elections and Redistricting

We work with school districts across the state on local election issues, including tax rate elections, bond elections, special and regular election issues, agreements to conduct elections with other governmental entities, and obtaining preclearance for such elections with the Department of Justice.

Additionally, the attorneys at Powell, Youngblood, & Taylor have worked with public school districts, college districts and other governmental entities over the past two redistricting cycles in all aspects of redistricting and election law. Our experience includes:

  • Verifying boundaries of existing single-member districts.

  • Confirming the demographic make-up of election districts.

  • Evaluating compliance with state and federal election laws.

  • Formulating a process and procedure for adopting boundary changes.

  • Facilitating public outreach, conducting public hearings, and obtaining input from stakeholder groups.

  • Coordinating communication with media.

  • Preparing viable draft redistricting plans.

  • Providing comprehensive legal advice to decision-makers on compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

We have enhanced our redistricting capacity in anticipation of the 2020 census.