Our People

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We believe in the value of public education and have devoted our professional lives to helping those called to the education profession meet the challenges they face in a precise, knowledgeable, and personal way. We believe the role of a school attorney is to provide expert counsel that equips decision makers with a full knowledge of their situation and options, not to dictate their decisions. As trusted resources to our clients, we pride ourselves in maintaining client relationships built on trust.

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Our firm’s in-house consultants possess a high level of specialized knowledge built on personal experience as leading practitioners in their respective fields. Our clients benefit from their counsel and insight in key areas of need for healthy districts, including educational administration, special education, economic development, crisis communication, brand development and management, public strategy, bond planning, public involvement, and governmental affairs.

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Because we value a high level of client service and personal attention, we have assembled a remarkable team of skilled professionals. These individuals are valued members of our team and fill valued roles as highly skilled paralegals, communicators, administrators, and coordinators. A law firm is only as successful as the team it assembles, and ours is talented, driven, and professional.